Welcome to Salm Plumbing Inc.

We have been serving the Fox Valley community for over 30 years and have built a reputation of excellence.

Our mission is: First class customer service; served with integrity and honesty…. Every day!

The foundation of Salm Plumbing was started by Ringo Salm in 1985; he had a strong work ethic and old fashion beliefs in hard work and honesty. His son, Lenny, started working with him in 1987 and is now the owner and operator of Salm Plumbing.

For over 27 years Lenny has continued and grown that foundation based on those same beliefs. We believe what comes around goes around and if you treat people well you will be treated well in return.

Lenny has a team that follows in his values of hard work, respect, and honesty and they are all integral members of the Salm family.

“Lenny is the best….I’ve been able to rely on Len to solve my issues every time…in a timely fashion and very reasonable rates. Lenny has always gotten back to me within the hour whenever I call for help…Lenny has gone beyond the “Call of Duty” more than once for me.

Salm Plumbing…the only plumbers I’ll ever call…”

Michael Barton






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